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Cozy Up Sampler II: Three Cozy Mysteries (EBOOK)

Cozy Up Sampler II: Three Cozy Mysteries (EBOOK)

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Cozy Up Sampler II: Three Cozy Mysteries by USA TODAY Bestselling Author J A Whiting

Paxton Park Book 1: Peril in Paxton Park
After surviving a terrible car crash in Boston, twenty-eight-year old Shelly Taylor accepts a part-time job as a baker at a mountain resort in western Massachusetts. While on a hike one morning, she and a new friend make a terrible discovery that pulls them into peril and death. Will Shelly's new ability help the police solve the crimes or will another murder be committed in Paxton Park?

Seeing Colors Book 1: Shades of Murder
Nell Finley is an artist living and working with her sister, Violet, in the seaside village of Bluewater Cove. There is something special about Nell’s vision and how she’s able to see the world. One afternoon, a woman enters the sisters’ shop, and while Nell is in the backroom studio, she takes a quick look at the customer and sees something disturbing. When the woman leaves the store, a terrible accident happens, and after the police investigate, they discover a killer is on the loose. The police ask Nell to help them find the criminal, but she hesitates. Will Nell get involved in the investigation before someone gets away with murder?

Ella Daniels Book 1: The Pine Hill Inn
Ella Daniels, a professor of American history at Green Hill University, comes from a family with many talents, and seeing ghosts is one of them. The family matriarch, Aunt Jin, has agreed to allow a journalist to do a story on their business, Green Hill Investigations. When the man accompanies Ella to a centuries-old inn to try to help a ghost cross-over, they stumble over the body of a dead man in the garden. Who killed him? Why? Will more bodies pile up? With the help of her brother, sister, and a black cat named Raisin, will Ella and her family find the killer before he or she strikes again?

These stories have mild paranormal elements.

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