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The Bitter with the Sweet (PAPERBACK #15)

The Bitter with the Sweet (PAPERBACK #15)

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This is book 15 in the Sweet Cove Mystery series.

The main mystery is solved in each book but you will enjoy the stories more if they are read in order as some character threads run from book to book.

It is the beginning of summer and only a few weeks since Angie and Josh tied the knot. Angie and Mr. Finch arrive at the beautiful Sweet Cove boarding house to deliver morning baked goods when the owner of the house rushes onto the porch in a panic and calls for their help. A young man who rents a suite of rooms has died in his bed and when natural causes are ruled out, the search begins for the person responsible for the untimely death. Will the Roseland family and their two fine felines be able to stop the killer before he or she can strike again?

A cozy mystery with recipes!

This story has some mild paranormal elements.

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