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Sweet Cove Mysteries Books 1-3 (EBOOKS)

Sweet Cove Mysteries Books 1-3 (EBOOKS)

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This collection includes the first three books from The Sweet Cove Cozy Mystery series. Cozy mysteries with recipes! The stories have some mild paranormal elements.

Book 1: The Sweet Dreams Bake Shop
Angie Roseland runs The Sweet Dreams Bake Shop in the seacoast town of Sweet Cove, Massachusetts. The building's new owners are not renewing the bake shop's lease and Angie is running out of time to find a new location. When one of the town's long-time residents is murdered, Angie finds herself on the suspect list. With the help of her three sisters and a huge orange cat, Angie works to uncover the killer's identity.

Book 2: Murder So Sweet
Angie Roseland has closed her Sweet Dreams Bake Shop for a few months until she can move the shop to its new location. Her sister, Ellie, has just opened a bed and breakfast in Sweet Cove and Angie is helping her run it. Their youngest sister, Courtney, has a part time job at Finch Confectioners where the owner is known around town for being nasty and mean. When Finch is found murdered in his shop, the Roseland sisters, with the help of two fine felines, are drawn into the search for the killer.

Book 3: Sweet Secrets
Renovations begin on the Victorian mansion and lead to revelations about Professor Marion Linden and why she left the house to Angie in her will, while questions surface about the Robin's Point land. Who really owned the land where Nana's cottage once stood? The Roseland sisters begin an investigation into misdeeds of the past, and with the help of their two fine felines, engage in a dangerous search for the truth.

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