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Hostage to Fortune (PAPERBACK #8)

Hostage to Fortune (PAPERBACK #8)

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This is book 8 in the Claire Rollins mystery series by USA TODAY Bestselling Author J.A. Whiting.

Twenty-five years ago, on a cold winter night, a young mother disappeared without a trace. Her husband admitted they’d had a fight, but he told police that his wife left the house on her own. When their adult son files a wrongful death suit against his father who is now a billionaire businessman, it brings new attention to the missing woman, and Claire’s boyfriend, Detective Ian Fuller, is assigned to investigate the cold case.

Did the woman run away? Was she kidnapped? Did someone want the young woman dead? Is she dead or alive? Will Ian and Claire, with the help of her paranormal intuition and the assistance of their friends, uncover the mystery of what really happened on that wintry evening so long ago?

This story has mild paranormal elements.

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