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Hope Herring Paranormal Cozy Mysteries: Books 1-5

Hope Herring Paranormal Cozy Mysteries: Books 1-5

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Hope Herring Paranormal Cozy Mysteries: Books 1-5 by USA Today Bestselling Author J A Whiting

Book 1: Silver Linings
After unexpectedly losing her husband, Hope Herring and her daughter, Cori, leave their home and move away to start over in a new town. With a heavy heart, a new house, a new job, and a new community, Hope is trying to settle in when she is reluctantly drawn into two mysteries. Will Hope and Cori find the clues to a killer before he or she strikes again?

Book 2: Blood Moon
It is October and Hope and her daughter, Cori, are settling into their new town. When Cori and her friends go to a spooky and haunted attraction for some Halloween fun, things take a strange and frightening turn which thrusts the Herring women into a mystery they want nothing to do with. There's also their resident ghost who needs help researching the past to uncover his killer. Will Cori and Hope be able to figure out what's going on before someone else loses their life?

Book 3: The Holiday Slay
It is a chilly winter season in North Carolina with Hope and her daughter, Cori, getting ready for the holidays. As she faces her first Christmas without her husband, Hope continues to search for the person responsible for her resident ghost’s century-old murder. After interviewing a descendant of one of the suspects, trouble begins to brew with a false accusation, an unusual gift, and an unpleasant surprise. Will Hope be able to figure out what's going on without putting her own life in danger?

Book 4: Red Roses
It is February in North Carolina and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching The holidays are hard for Hope since losing her husband, and this one, in particular, will be difficult. She and her resident ghost keep looking for clues to his hundred-year old murder and as she continues to research her husband’s death, she finds things that frighten her. If all that wasn’t enough, Hope is worried about one of her students, and when one thing leads to another she ends up embroiled in a mess of a situation. Will Hope be able to keep her daughter, Cori, her student, and herself safe or will danger strike before she figures out what's going on?

Book 5: Hidden Secrets
It is spring in North Carolina and Hope is planning new gardens for the yard of her century-old house. Teaching at the middle school, working part time in a bakery, and raising her daughter, Cori, leave little time for her to do research on two mysteries. But Hope and her resident ghost keep searching for clues to his hundred-year old murder while she continues to look into the suspicious accident that took her husband’s life. Hope has one more thing to worry about. Her friend and bakery owner, Edsel, is having the same dream every night where a ghost says she needs to speak to Hope. Will Hope, with help from Cori and Edsel, get closer to finding the answers they’re looking for before a killer tries to silence them?

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