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Sweet Blue Water (EBOOK #22)

Sweet Blue Water (EBOOK #22)

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This is book 22 in the Sweet Cove paranormal cozy mystery series by USA TODAY Bestselling Author J.A. Whiting.

It is June in the pretty seaside town of Sweet Cove, Massachusetts. The weather is sunny and warm and the Roseland sisters, their families, and friends are eager for the tourist season. Courtney and Rufus are making some wedding plans, Ellie and Jack are working with an architect on the affordable residential neighborhood they’re planning to build, Mr. Finch is busy at the art gallery and the candy store, Jenna has a new jewelry line, and Angie and Josh are thinking of buying a boat for the whole family to enjoy. Everything is going along well until something terrible interrupts the happy doings.

The Roseland sisters, Mr. Finch, Chief Martin, and two fine felines have a new mystery that will drag them into danger and darkness. Will they be able to solve the case before all their plans are thrown into ruin?

A cozy mystery with recipes!

This story has some mild paranormal elements.

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